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F - Fashion


How to create:
who are you ? Where are you going?

  • create brand books
  • define brand identity & DNA
  • develop collection architectures
  • provide seasonal themes & color directions

I - Inspiration


How to connect:
who gives you inspiration ?

  • Inspiration is by its nature beyond control.
  • To get control you need internal and external sources.
  • Get inspired: Design First.

R - Research


How to develop:
what’s going on now ? what’s going on next year ?

  • trend spotting & analysis
  • develop time spirit manuals & forecasts
  • define target groups

S - Sourcing


How to make?
what do you want? where to make it?

  • design ‘cut to the bone’ designs
  • create styles & products
  • sourcing suppliers
  • develop artwork & product identity

T - Timing


How to taste:
what’s your image? who wants it?

  • define image strategy
  • define applications in publicity
  • develop seasonal publicity & image strategy
  • directing & styling photo shoots

Succes is a way to say who you are without using words

Company Description

Concept development & strategic fashion brand art director


Development and/or improve brand strategies and/or clothing collection


  • identifying and defining strategy
  • advice & implementation of chosen strategy
  • collection development concepts
  • product design & development
  • forecasts & trendspotting


  • identifying┬átrends and realisation of ‘mood board’ for and/or seasonal goals
  • trend forecasting for design and/or marketing departments
  • advice and implementation regarding collection and product development
  • advice and implementation regarding┬ámarketing & publicity efforts